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Welcome To Pug-World.com…

I made this web site to give pug owners and pug loves a place to come and learn more about their pets and share photos and stories.

The site is split up into 4 main areas.

1. Pug Info….

I have gathered together a load of information about the pug breed and put it all together in a series of fascinating articles.

The Pug info section is forever growing. It already includes articles on pug history, the pug breed, breeding pugs, pug names and much more

If you have some pug information which is not included……send it to me via email and I will include it on the site.

I want this site to be the most complete pug blog and website, so if you can help I would really appreciate it.

I have also included some pug youtube videos and lots of photos and article.....

2. Pug Pictures….

Show us your pug!

In the pug Pictures you can look through other member’s pug photos and stories and you can easily join the gallery section and upload your pug pictures and stories too.

3. Pug Books….

There are many books written about the pug and in this section of the site I have included many of them.

I have found some great pug e-book that you can download onto your computer and also some pug hardcopy books.

There is also a pug gifts section with a selection of great fun pug gifts.

4. Pug Care…..

Pug care and pug health are at the forefront of pug owners minds.

In this section of the site I have included some articles covering the common health problems that pugs face……how to recognise them quickly and what you can do to prevent and cure……..