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The Pugs History.....

The Pug has a truly cosmopolitan history as a breed.

It is well established that the breed appeared first in China and were literally a “lap-Dog”. The Pug or (Lo-Chiang as they were called in china at that time) where highly prized by Chinese nobility. It has been said that the breed dates back as far as 1600BC, although many say the figure to be 700BC. Either way pugs have history.

Pugs were owned by royalty in China and were often given to royal courtiers as highly treasured gifts.

The Pug still carries its royal breeding and heritage with it to this day in the way that they hold themselves.

The history of the pug in china can also bee seen in today’s Chinese symbols and ornamentation. The pug is often referred to as “The Lion Dog” and the resemblance of the pug can still be seen in the decretive Chinese dragons and lions used in festivals.

The pug breed started it’s cosmopolitan journey when trade started with china

The Pugs History In Europe

In 16th and 17th centuries Dutch sailors, trading with china, started bringing pus back with them. But it did not take long before the pug rose up the social strata and gained a prominent place back with the nobility. History tells us that The Pug later became the official dog of the Prince of Orange's and famously saved his life by barking at an assassin

A Pug also traveled with William III from the Netherlands when he became King of England in 1688.

The history of the Pug continued…………

In France Marie Antoinette, who married the King of France, owned a Pug named Mops. And Josephine, who married Napoleon, owned a pug called Fortune.

Queen Victoria of England was a pug breeder. Once more the pug had positioned itself with the highest rule of the land….just as it had in China all those years ago.

And History of the Pug goes on………

The Pug arrived in America in the nineteenth century. It quickly became a favourite breed in the family home.

In 1981 a Pug won the Kennel Club show in the United States, the only Pug to have won since the show began in 1877. The pug breed has also gone on to win at Crufts and the World Dog Show.

It can be seen in the stance of the pug that it is very well used to being treat like royalty and it’s history shows us that royalty think the same